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Deep Extraction Cleaning

The type of carpeting in your rooms should determine your clean routine annually. With proper cleaning (every 6 to 18 months depending on traffic), and proper cleaning is easier than you might think, your carpeting looking great for its full life span, and help improve air quality against allergies and keep your carpet warranties intact.

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Deep Carpet Cleaning

minimum charge is $69.88
  • 1 room$69.88
  • 2 rooms$69.88
  • 3 rooms$89.88
  • 5 rooms$109.88
  • add rooms $20.00
  • stairs $25.00
  • traffic areas $15.00
  • bathroom $5.00
  • hallway $5.00
  • area rugs Prices Vary on Size

Tile & Grout Cleaning

minimum charge is $69.88
  • Kitchens, Dining Rooms
    & Sunrooms$40.00
  • Entry Ways
    & Hallways$20.00
  • We also will seal the grout at the customers request only for an additional charge.

Upholstery/Fabric Cleaning

minimum charge is $69.88
  • Sofa$44.88
  • Loveseat$39.88
  • Chair$29.88
  • Ottoman $10.00
  • Kitchen or Dining Room ChairsPrices Vary $10.00
  • SectionalsPrices Vary,
    Please Call

    Office Chairs
  • Seat-Back $10.00
  • Seat-Back-Arms $15.00

Cleaning Tips

Listen to the Good Neighbor Show podcast from WHBY Radio on 4-11-16 with Jim Pichler (owner of Holiday Carpet Cleaning, with over 33 years of experience) on News-Talk 1150 WHBY AM on the Woodward Radio Network.

Miscellaneous Cleaning

Mud, sports gear, or fishing equipment, your trucks and recreational vehicles are on the front lines when it comes to dirt and grime from outdoor or travel activities. Keeping them clean often feels like a losing battle, in spite of your conscientious efforts. Holiday Carpet Cleaning can not only clean your vehicles, but also apply a protectant on them.

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Scotchgard™ Application

Stain protection pushes spills away from carpet fibers. Ensure you get the most out of your investment by applying a protection. Our trained technicians will deodorize your entire carpet, paying special attention to any problem areas. When the job is done, you’re left with clean carpet—and a fresh, pleasing scent.

Commercial Cleaning

At Holiday Carpet Cleaning we will cater to area businesses. We will set up cleaning before or after business hours. This allows a good thorough cleaning and also allows enough drying time so the purpose of the cleaning is not defeated. This offers distinct advantages for facility owners and managers looking to clean their carpets, floors and textiles in an efficient and effective way.


We had our carpets and stairs cleaned with no issues. My wife was pleased and she's picky on cleaning. I asked how the employees attitude were and she said they were friendly and straight forward, no nonsense kind of people. I guess if you prefer to be kissed up to vs straight conversations then there might be a problem. The owner is a straight, tell it like it is, kinda guy. Good price, quick thorough cleaning.

Scott P. Little Chute, WI , Residential